Eversley Village Hall Refurbishement Project  

The land upon which Eversley Village Hall was built was given to the Village by Commander Manders, with the Hall itself being built in 1959 due to the generosity of Mrs Humphries-Owen, who wished to provide the parish of Eversley with a hall for recreational use. The Village Hall is a registered Charity and managed by a dedicated team of volunteers who are committed to keeping this facility well maintained so it is a well-used community building.

The committee intends to make our Village Hall ‘Fit for the Future’ over the next two years. Eversley Village Hall is a vital community building and a central meeting hub in our community. Hosting our local preschool, over 70s groups, dancing classes , exercise classes, children’s dance groups and local drama club, as well as serving as a meeting place for the WI and Tri Counties ladies clubs and many more local groups.

Our plan to make our Hall ‘Fit for the Future’ is as follows:

A new modern kitchen will make the Hall a considerably more attractive venue in which to hold community events and activities.  A refurbished kitchen will also attract new hirers, whether for private functions or charity fundraising events.

New heaters in the annex and double glazing will help reduce our heating bills and energy conservation as well as minimising noise.

The heaters in the annex are now coming to the end of their life and are over twenty years old and in constant maintenance. Installing two new wall heaters with energy saver switches and timers would be more economical and heat the area more efficiently. The Village Hall is not on the mains drains outlet due to its location and the old septic tank is in need of repair as the pipe network leading to it is leaking. This is allowing rain water to fill into the tank and requires the tank to be emptied more regularly, thus incurring rising costs.

We have no storage and at the moment the chairs and tables are all kept on the main stage area. We are looking to refurbish the men’s toilets and use some of the area as a storage cupboard. We would then purchase chairs and tables on a trolley system and store them in the new cupboard for easy access for Hall users, subsequently freeing up the main stage area.

The refurbishment of the main stage would include repairs to the floor and a new sound and lighting system to be installed.

If you would like to support our campaign, whether through financial contribution, support in kind or offers of expertise, knowledge or any other useful talents, please get in touch with us. By raising much needed funds we will be able to look at the future refurbishment and ways of improving our Village Hall for the future generations of Eversley and surrounding areas.

We now have a just giving page, if you would like to donate towards the refurbishment project and help us kick off the fundraising, please click on the link below www.justgiving.com/eversley-villagehall