After a year busy with fundraising events and grant applications, the first round of our refurbishment project is underway, with the installation of EHS Energy Saver air to air Heat pump solution as our new heating system. After a lot of research, discussion and a visit to another village hall where this solution had been fitted (and some very happy customers), we have had our own Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) system installed in mid-August. An ASHP works by transferring heat from outside to inside a building, or vice versa. Under the principles of vapour compression refrigeration, an ASHP uses a refrigerant system involving a compressor and a condenser to absorb heat at one place and release it at another. They can be used as a space heater or cooler, and are sometimes called “reverse-cycle air conditioners”. Check out to read more about it.

In addition, double glazing and secure doors have now been fitted by Allways Glazing Works of Farnham ( We have worked closely with Luke and helped us with advice with window design, fire exits and safety locks etc, as well as offering a fantastic service which will make a huge difference to users of the Hall, and EVH’s future finances.

Thank yous…

We want to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone who has supported us, but particularly the following people and companies who have been so generous and helped us reach this incredible goal so quickly:

  • Cllr David Simpson, Eversley Parish Council
  • R Collards
  • Morag Lam
  • Hart Inner Wheel
  • The Rotary Club
  • Dexter Montague LLP Solicitors
  • Eversley & Bramshill Trust.

In addition, our fundraising raised the following: Deck The Halls (£800), Tabletop Sale (£270), JustGiving (£739), Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (£1400) and a charity bucket at Lindum Nurseries (£25). In addition, Cllr Sandra Miller worked wonders on her fundraising applications and secured a massive £10,000 from Awards for All and a further £17,850 from Hampshire County Council!

What now? We’re not resting on our laurels just yet as so much more work needs to be done. We still need money for loft insulation and the next round of refurbishments for next year, including the toilets, stage, additional storage AND a new kitchen (much needed! 😊) Upcoming events EVH social committee will be collaborating with Liam Flanagan-Todd (and the Help for Heroes cause) for an 80’s night on 30th September. We desperately need raffle prizes so please do get in touch on if you can help at all.

Hart lottery

Well done and thank you to all who have bought tickets. A ‘Mrs M’ got 2 numbers and won 3 free tickets so fingers crossed for next time. Here’s the link again if you wish to purchase tickets and be in with a chance to win £25,000 for yourself (and a bit for us too!)